Mr. Gay USofA   - October 17 - 19, 2018 - Rich's - Houston, TX                                                                                                               
USofA Pageants LLC and Craig Henderson are proud to present the largest Male Contest in the country - the Mr. Gay USofA Contest.

Mr. Gay USofA was started in 2008 and we have over 30 local, stat and regional contests that men from all over the country compete in.  Mr. Gay USofA offers Integrity, Excellence, Competition and Recognition for the Male Leads in our entertainment community. 

Contestants compete in Interview, Club Wear and Talent.  Mr. Gay USofA is a talent based contest with talent being worth 50%, interview is worth 25% and club wear is worth 25% of their score.

Contestants must qualify through state or regional contests to eventually compete for Mr. Gay USofA.

Feel free to click on the contact link and send me an e-mail if you would like to participate as a contestant or as a promoter in the Mr. Gay USofA system.

Thank you,

Craig Henderson
National Promoter - Mr. Gay USofA

Mr. Gay USofA 2018
representing Mr. Gay Latinissimo USofA

Interview  - TIE - Catrevion Iman Chancellor and KyRon Iman Dickerson

Club Wear - Mykul Jay Valentine

Talent - (perfect score) - Noah Lee Richards
4th Alternate - Patrick Mikyles
3rd Alternate - Mykul Jay Valentine
2nd Alternate - Joey Taylor
1st Alternate - Noah Lee Richards
Mr. Gay USofA - Angel
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