Mr. Gay USofA®                                                                                                             
USofA Pageants and Craig Henderson are proud to present the largest Male Contest in the country - the Mr. Gay USofA® Contest.

Mr. Gay USofA® was started in 2008 and we have over 30 local, state and regional contests that men from all over the country compete in.  Mr. Gay USofA® offers Integrity, Excellence, Competition and Recognition for the Male Leads in our entertainment community.

Contestants compete in Interview, Club Wear and Talent.  Mr. Gay USofA® is a talent based contest with talent being worth 50%, interview is worth 25% and club wear is worth 25% of their score.

Contestants must qualify through state or regional contests to eventually compete for Mr. Gay USofA®.

Feel free to click on the contact link and send me an e-mail if you would like to participate as a contestant or as a promoter in the Mr. Gay USofA® system.

Thank you,

Craig Henderson
National Promoter - Mr. Gay USofA®

Desi M. Andrews

Mr. Gay USofA® 2016
representing Mr. Gay Texas USofA

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